Restaurants, Commercial Kitchens & Bars

ROC builds professional industry-compliant commercial restaurants, kitchens and bars.

In an industry with such fierce competition, it’s important to partner with a contractor who knows the ins and outs. As a restaurateur himself, Chuy not only understands the construction component but also the needs to optimize the functionality of a restaurant. Long-standing relationships with kitchen equipment fabricators, wholesalers, installers and designers also provide unique advantages rarely available to most general contractors.

There are numerous options when it comes to deciding the “type” of establishment that can be built and this should be a fun and creative step in the process. The difficult part, and this is where so many fail time and time again, is knowing where to allocate the funds available for a project to make sure any business in the food-service industry succeeds and succeeds early.

Establishment options:

  • Fine Dining

  • Full service

  • Mexican restaurants and Taquerias

  • Italian Family Style

  • Fast Food

  • Quick Casual

  • Bars and Night Clubs ( w/ or w/o food service  )

  • Convenience stores & co-branded Convenience store build outs

Depending on the type of establishment, new construction timelines run 5-9 months while retros and remodels usually span 3-5 months.